Five Ideas for A Romantic Valentine

When it comes to finding a perfect gift for that special someone, it can be difficult as you’re not sure what she wants. However, we’ve found that traditional gifts never go out of style. Here is a list of our top five great ideas:

1. Flowers and Roses: Especially roses have always lead to a woman’s heart. A dozen red roses always say, “I Love You.” However, a great idea will be finding roses that are her favorite color. It shows how much you are care and listen to her.


2. Chocolate: Give her a box of her favorite chocolate. Showing her favorite chocolate shows not only that you are paying attention, but also your thoughtfulness. Classic chocolate can be in the forms of chocolate roses, chocolate candy and chocolate hearts.

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3. Exotic Dishes: Planning your night will really show her how much you love her. This can be as simple as dinner. Finding the right dinner destination shows how much you know her, including your unpredictability and great taste. Make sure you check the menu beforehand. Find the dish she might like and something new. Take an extra effort with creating the right ambience. Set the mood right.

valentines day dinner

4. Notes and Letters: Create a list of 50 reasons why I love you. Place them randomly in the form of post-it notes, love letters, and a coupon diary of favors that she can claim through the year.


5. Heart Jewelry: Nothing beats the symbol of love. Fine jewelry not only expresses your love for her, but is surprisingly affordable nowadays, especially with online jewelers such as Angara. Heart jewelry can be personalized with your names engraved together or a special message, which means a lot to her. Jewelry can be in the form of heart rings, heart pendants, or heart earrings. The idea is to have a personal heart gift that is not only worn on Valentine’s Day, but throughout the year.


Luxury gifts are setting a popular trend more now than ever. There is a high chance that she has been looking forward to something more meaningful, thoughtful, and displays your everlasting love.


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