Express Love with Knotty Heart Jewelry

Since time immemorial, the heart symbol has been associated with love, while the knot pattern with commitment. These two romantic elements together symbolize an everlasting bond of love and friendship. A combination of hearts and knots, Angara’s latest Knotty Heart jewelry collection is a breathtaking representation of love that is beyond the ordinary. The designs in this assortment beautifully portray the coming together of your hearts, lives and futures.


Our Knotty Heart jewelry collection features an array of exquisite rings and fascinating pendants adorned with sparkling diamonds. The interlocking hearts, twisted patterns and entwining knots lend distinct allure to the pieces. In rings, you’ll find solitaires, two stone designs as well as those in which the beauty of the center diamond is enhanced by diamond accents. The rings featuring knotted heart motifs on the gallery make unique picks. When it comes to pendants, you’ll find pieces with a knotted heart within a heart, intertwined hearts, a knotted heart within an infinity and more.

These exquisite jewelry pieces are crafted in enduring metals such as white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum. Our customization option gives you the choice of creating your own jewelry pieces according to your preferred stone quality, metal and carat weight. The rings and pendants from our exclusive assortment make alluring statements of love. Every piece is as distinct as your inseparable relationship. Explore our Knotty Heart jewelry collection and pick a thoughtful gift for a loved one or expand your jewelry wardrobe with an elegant yet stylish accessory.

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