Engagement Rings

While you try to settle upon a gemstone engagement ring, or a diamond engagement ring, here are some handy tips:

Study her well.

The final word is that if you want to buy her the right engagement ring, you have to know your woman well. Observe her, her personality, her style, her dress, and all hints she makes about jewelry, and trends. Her personality is what plays a decisive role in what type of ring you get her.


When you budget for your engagement ring and seek advice on the matter, the two-month rule will come up. That is, your salary over a two, or even three-month period, is a common benchmark. Some men spend more because they may have income from another source and some men spend less and find the right engagement ring to bestow on the other half.

It is tautology to say that there are many non-monetary considerations that factor into the total perception of an engagement ring subsequent to purchase: as a symbol of love and devotion and commitment. For example, a diamond engagement ring can be priceless for certain women. If these are your pole stars in your quest for the perfect engagement ring, she is bound to be over the moon with whatever you give.


If you want to buy her the perfect engagement ring, it is needed that the ring be unique, and therefore custom-made. It is not necessarily more expensive but requires more research on your part. It is easy to pick from a range. But build your own section at Angara is truly a delight, for the kind of variety that is offered, vis-a-vis other jewelers.

For this to be successful, try to gauge the personal preferences beforehand; whether you do so in a clandestine manner or otherwise. These days, a lot of couples make the decision together and even pick out the ring together. If this is the case for you, then you are safer and do not have choose the perfect engagement ring on your own.

Browse through gemstone engagement rings, diamond engagement rings, or gemstone and diamond engagement rings and flatter her with one of the best that the market has to offer, if you pick from Angara. There are lab created gemstones, certified diamonds, choices of metals, and especially the “good, better, best” options in gemstone engagement rings, to suit every budget. Just click on any image in the catalog and see how the same design is available in three different ranges.

If diamond engagement rings are what you are deciding upon, every diamond at Angara comes with a certification. This is the best tip on buying a diamond.

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