Angara Picks the Best Engagement Rings of This Year

We will say jewelry and especially engagement rings are eternal. Every woman has to wear them, even if she wants to follow the latest fashion. But in the modern times, and with shifting fashion and style, even they get influenced by the latest trends. Every year there is some change in design or metal type. So, here is our list of engagement rings that are currently in vogue.

In ancient times, yellow gold was a symbol of wealth and purity. This was one of the most preferred metal types for jewelry. However, in the early twentieth century, there seemed to be a general shift. Then white metals became a trend with most brides wanting their wedding jewelry to be white instead of yellow. For more than half a century, white gold, platinum and other white metals ruled the roost. But towards the end of the century, there seemed to be a renewed interest in this metal. Now we are in the second decade of the twenty-first century, and our experts are telling us that yellow gold is back with a bang!!!



The teen star Miley Cyrus recently received a beautiful yellow gold ring, and her fiancée just couldn’t stop gushing about this ring. He said that he found this 3.5 carat ring that has a hand cut diamond set in the yellow metal very romantic. Even jewelry designers have applauded this youthful ring that is elegant and timeless. Even Ace Young gave his girlfriend Diana DeGarmo 18-karat yellow gold ring last month. This ring also has platinum along with diamonds. The centre stone is a 1-carat yellow stone, while there are two side diamonds weighing 0.2 carats.



Diamonds are forever, but gemstone always impress with their sparkling beauty, be it the emerald rings of the Twilight couple Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart or the ruby wedding ring of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg. Sapphire engagement rings are also favorites. The royal couple Kate and William went for the blue sapphire ring for their engagements. So, this year again, we will have these beautiful colored gemstone rings adorning many young brides who want to stand out with their individuality and style.



Beyonce diamond engagement ring



Though round brilliant is the most common diamond cut, but in engagement rings, emerald cut diamonds is more in demand. Like always, celebrities have started this new trend as both Kate Hudson and Beyoncé have this cut. The latest star who has been flaunting an emerald cut ring is Angelina Jolie. This cut definitely makes the star look bigger but the stone has to be really flawless. So, if you are thinking that this could be the one, please understand that it is for a girl who loves her style but is high on emotional quotient.


We all know that not everyone can afford an exclusive emerald cut. So a micro pave or halo stone setting can make the diamond look bigger and brighter. We suggest all those girls who like big diamonds to go for these rings, as they are the perfect option for someone who a “wow factor” in their ring. So, this ring will sparkle your way to the altar. Even the vintage design seems to be coming back in trend as is evident from the stunning 6-carat, cushion cut ring of Justin Timberlake that he gave to his fiancée Jessica Biel. This is certainly one beautiful ring.

But always remember that these are mere suggestions. It is important to know what the trend is when you are shopping for your engagement ring. But it is more important is to know the girl’s choice. After all, she has to wear it.

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