Engagement Rings – Add a splash of color to your future!

A symbol which stands for the continuity of the past, an engagement ring is a token of the commitment and love felt in a relationship, and often becomes a cherished one at that. The thrill of a gemstone engagement ring is in its beauty, partly; its value, partly; its historic associations, partly. But truly, humans like whatever is rare. And gemstones and diamonds are quite rare.

The current trend is a move away from diamond engagement rings, towards gemstone engagement rings. If you look around, there are a number of celebrities attesting their love with gemstone engagement rings, or gemstone and diamond engagement rings. At Angara, you have the added option of choosing these from “Good, Better, Best and Heirloom” qualities. For this, click on any image in the catalog and view the three kinds of pieces. Identical designs are available in four options, to suit the need of every client. How is it possible? It is so because at Angara.com we believe in apprising our clients of the exact quality of gemstone that they are choosing. The differences occur due to variations in the features of the gems.

Then there is the option of build your own – diamond engagement ring and gemstone engagement ring. Personalize the ring you are choosing and stamp your love and creativity on this occasion.

While you are at it, do take a look at the wedding bands section, for matching the engagement ring with the wedding band is likely to follow soon.

The buying experience at Angara is enriched by features like free FedEx shipping and 30 days return policy. What this translates as is that you could receive the ring, go for a third party appraisal and if the gem or diamond is below your expectations, Angara professionals simplify the Return and Exchange policy.

You could also strike a deal with bestseller pieces. Save up to 80%! If you want quality engagement ring on a budget, Angara is your destination.


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    Awesome design of engagement ring.

    • Reply February 26, 2015

      Ankit Daga

      Thanks Adiamor! Our engagement rings are amazing, elegant, inspiring and loved by money. Make sure your special someone is with you for life with our jewelry. Take a look at our Engagement section on http://www.Angara.com.

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