Diamond studs in three easy clicks!

This week I have been talking to friends about diamond studs. We all agree that diamond studs are the most versatile piece of jewelry one can have. They look equally good with jeans as well as evening wear. And there is truly no occasion when you would feel out of place with diamond studs.

Diamond studs are the classic and timeless way to carry style. With this backdrop, Angara has launched a unique feature on their website, of building your own diamond studs in three easy steps. What is unique about this feature is that YOU decide how much you want to pay for a pair of diamond studs.

There are five ranges to choose from and a stud size guide that gives you an accurate size impression visually. It doesn’t get simpler when buying diamond studs. There are no hidden costs, and no inflated prices. You get value for money. The 30 days return policy makes the purchase safe and secure.

Quality remains of paramount importance at Angara. Therefore, each diamond available is certified and is strictly graded to GIA standards.

For those looking for hypoallergenic studs, there is the choice of setting in platinum. The standard white gold and yellow gold options are there, of course.

Go ahead and enjoy this stud shopping with confidence!

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