Customer Story: Rachel Wein and John Ashworth

We adore our customers and it’s their lovely stories that keep us going. Rachel Wein and John Ashworth got married recently and we can’t be more thrilled for the couple. Two years ago when they planned to get engaged, John started his search for the perfect engagement ring. The stunning pear-shaped vintage style sapphire ring John chose has been cherished by Rachel and has a special place in their love story. After being absolutely impressed with the sapphire engagement ring that John bought from us, Angara was the natural choice when it came to ordering a matching sapphire and diamond studded band for the wedding. Read Rachel and John’s beautiful story below…


In Her Words:We chose Angara when considering my wedding band because we were so impressed with the quality and brilliance of my sapphire engagement ring chosen by John. We matched my engagement ring and found a beautiful sapphire and diamond studded band. We knew it was stunning once we saw it ourselves but we had no idea it would bring in the kind of reaction it had on our wedding day. Everyone gushed over it when they saw it and asked me why I chose sapphire and I explained that sapphires, blue, deep, and never-ending – like the ocean, symbolized the love between my now husband and I so it seemed like the obvious choice.

We are also so impressed with the level of customer service we have received working with Barbara over the last two years – from helping with our engagement ring to choosing the perfect wedding band, we could not have asked for someone with better attention to detail and high quality service. She even insisted (since we had time) that we wait for a new batch of sapphires to arrive in stock for the absolute best quality stones possible. Also, my fingers are tiny so she made sure the ring was crafted so the stones would sit perfectly centered on my hand and none of the stones would rest in between my fingers.

I don’t plan on marrying a second time but I will count on Angara for all of our future gemstone and diamond purchases. Thank you Angara!!!

Congratulations, Rachel and John. Hope your shopping experience with us keeps getting better each time.

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