Colored Diamond Pendant

The fact about diamonds is that the rarer variety of diamonds is colored. With fashion icons and celebrities choosing colors in all their vibrancy, people prefer to experiment with safer tones like browns and blacks. In colored diamonds, that is.

With this trend in view, Angara is a forerunner in colored diamond pendants. This design is inspired by Italian jewelry and is a blend of classic and modern. White and Brown diamonds with rhodium make this piece unique and catalytic. Highlight the depths of your personality with this exquisite diamond pendant. Click on image for details.

The actual size is about one inch, perfect for that subtle effect. All products at Angara carry a Certificate of Authenticity.


  • Reply February 14, 2011

    Steve Bales

    I like colored diamonds, it goes with many of our apparels, but not just to match with it, it also looks so elegant and beautiful.

    • Reply February 26, 2015

      Ankit Daga

      You are absolutely right Steve! Colored diamonds are elegant, eternal and truly beautiful. They present unmatched sparkle with the deepest color saturation, clarity, cut and much more. They have the hardest composition on Moh’s scale and the colors simply amaze us.

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