Classy Jewelry Fusions

As we say farewell to shorter days, colder nights and snowfall, we welcome nature’s warmth with blossoming flowers, chirping birds and season of love, Spring. Beautiful rainbow shades of red, green, blue, pink, purple, yellow and orange surround us, capturing our attention and heart. Now is your chance to incorporate charming colors to your wardrobe. Undeniably, colors add a delight, not only to our closets and jewelry styles, but also make us feel beautiful.


It’s time to upgrade your accessory ways and get your closets ready for an endearing Spring season. Many of you may have already started, drawing inspiration from recent fashion weeks and red carpet events. To further complement your style, we present you some elegant and chic ideas, helping you set fashion statements amongst, family, friends and colleagues.


One simple sparkling trick is to include colored charms to your seasonal essentials through mixing and matching jewelry. Refresh your gemstone jewelry ways by fusing two-colored gemstones into a single exquisite piece. Since gemstone color spectrum offers you divine and earthly shades, combining them together brings out classy and gorgeous jewelry fusions. There are various elements to consider while creating a jewelry fusion. However, the question remains: What colors mesh well together? When implementing mix and match jewelry strategies, it’s as simple as finding the right color combination. Fortunately, there are no set rules to mixing colors. For instance, radiant ruby blends beautifully with a luscious sapphire, emerald or tanzanite. Similarly, fusions of blushing blue sapphires with turquoise or aquamarine have gained immense admiration because of Taylor Swift (People’s Choice Award 2013), Kristen Bell (Golden Globes 2010) and many popular A-list celebrities.


Further, mixing metals like white gold and yellow gold, yellow gold and rose gold appear exquisite in several forms of jewelry. While layering your necklaces, you can integrate necklaces with different metal types, displaying a bold and one-of-a-kind fashion. For a more modern look, you can stack thin metallic rings of gold and silver, and even massive bracelets of two-tone metals. They give an eclectic feel to your formal and party wear. Two-tone (or even three-tone) metal jewelry shows an upturn in bridal collections as well.


Play around with gemstone colors and metal tones, and enjoy making your jewelry appear more eye-catching and ravishing. Remember, as long as your jewelry is refined and precious, they will turn heads. Check out stunning jewelry fusions and two-tone sparklers at Angara, andlet love blossom. At Angara, you have the convenience of personalizing your favorite colors and metal choices.

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