Choose Citrine for November Celebration

We love Kate Middleton for she is one thrifty royal who never hesitate in repeating her jewelry. Once again the royal picked her favorite citrine and diamond drop earrings for a special occasion. Kate often wore the beautiful and striking citrine earrings and this time she had chosen them for her son Prince George’s baptism ceremony.


Not just Kate but many other celebrities love to adorn this charming yellow stone that is also an alternative birthstone for November.

Citrine – Factual Details

  • Citrine, a member of quartz family, is the alternative birthstone for November.
  • It is a beautiful gift to celebrate 13th anniversary.
  • It is a translucent to transparent stone with vitreous luster.
  • The stone scores 7 on Moh’s scale of hardness.
  • Citrine is called ‘The Merchant’s Stone’ as it was believed to bring success and prosperity to any business.
  • It is thought to clear negative energy and promote self esteem.


The word citrine was derived from the French word ‘citrin’, meaning lemon. The stone ranges from pale yellow to sun hued yellowish orange, clay orange and deep wine colored Madeira Red. Earlier Madeira Red was considered the most valuable of all citrine shades found on the planet.

Mines in Brazil and Uruguay give some of the best citrine in the world along with France, Madagascar and Russia as other major citrine deposits. The stone also found in North Carolina, Colorado and California.

Buying Citrine

Natural citrine is rare and most of the stone available in the market these days is heated amethyst or smoky quartz turned citrine. Amethyst and citrine belongs to the same family of mineral. In nature also the two stones often found together. Due to their similar structure, it is difficult for ordinary people to differentiate between heated amethyst and natural citrine. Heated stones have high clarity where as natural ones have cloudy appearance. When buying citrine, ask if it’s natural or heated amethyst. The value for both will differ.

Care for Citrine Jewelry

Caring for your citrine jewels is very easy. You just have to follow the simple rules of wearing jewelry.

  • Always wear your citrine jewels in the end and remove them first.
  • Avoid wearing them while working with chemicals, swimming or lifting heavy load.
  • Wash them with mild detergent and lukewarm water at home. Be gentle with your baubles.
  • Always wrap them in soft cloth and keep in a separate compartment in your jewelry box.

Why to choose citrine jewelry

It is a fascinating stone with a beautiful history. Its beauty, affordability and availability are few practical reasons to treasure this magnificent gem. Whether you want to pamper yourself, need a gift for a friend or want to express your warm emotions for a loved one, get this birthstone of November which has the elegance, versatility and charm to enchant anyone.

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