Celebrity Thanksgiving Moments

Hope your Thanksgiving weekend was great! Thanksgiving has come a long way since Plymouth Colonists shared their autumn harvest feast with Wampanoag Indians in 1621. Although family and friends reunion with dinner still remains a central feature of Turkey Day, advent social media users have given people a chance to share and keep their cherished Thanksgiving moments.


It should be no surprise celebrity pictures find a place on the Internet, sharing snippets of their favorite Thanksgiving moments. Here’s a list of some of the best celebrity photos around the Internet:

1. Christiano Ronaldo clicked this selfie along with Ronaldo Jr at the gym…


2. This cute as a button photograph of Josey Hollis Dorsey was posted by proud mother Naya Rivera Riveraand captioned, “Happy thanksgiving!!! He’s very excited to celebrate his first thanksgiving and I’m the most thankful for him. Gobble gobble!!”


3. “I think it’s clear who the real star of the family is… So thankful for my loves…” wrote Lea Michelle while she shared this cute snap of herself with her boyfriend, Matthew Paetz, and her rather important cat.


4. What’s Thanksgiving without a Turkey snap? Lily Aldridge snapped a very apt photo of her daughter, Dixie Pearl Follo will, basting a turkey. Now that’s an ‘aww’ moment any Mom wishes to capture.


5. Big Bang Theory star, Kaley Cuoco is not known for being conventional. On Thanksgiving she decided to post a photo of pajama clad legs, cozying up with her beloved dog!


6. And to round off this Thanksgiving special, here’s Hilary Duff’s beautiful snap of her son Luca Cruz Comrie against the sun. She captioned ‘#thankful everyday’.

Hilary-Duff-thankful-her-son-Luca-Cruz-ComrieImage Source: popsugar.com

Let us know what did you think of these Celebrity Moments this Thanksgiving. Do you have any to share with us? Let us know below!

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