Celebrity Inspired Citrine Jewelry

Although, not celebrated as much as Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald, Citrine holds its own position. Here’s a look at world’s most stylish Citrine celebrity jewelry:

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is one of the most famous personalities, extremely fond of Citrine jewelry. She has been spotted wearing delicate Citrine danglers and drop earrings on several occasions. The fiery golden of this stone matches young royal’s equally elegant clothing ensembles.

Kate-Citrine-Drops-EarringsImage Source: whatkatewore.com

Among her prettiest pieces are Kiki Classic Citrine Pear Drop Earrings. A simple, yet sophisticated style, these earrings are set in 18K gold and induces a vibrant color to her beautiful face.


The ‘Eternal Citrine Cushion and Diamond’ earrings are another Kiki line favorite.

kate-cheltenhamImage Source:hrhduchesskate.blogspot.com and katemiddletonstyle.org

Here are a couple of designs inspired by Duchess’s danglers:


Another famous Kate from United Kingdom,(Winslet) is known for her love for Citrine jewelry as well.Previously, at a red carpet event, some years ago, this Titanic Star made an unusual style statement in a grey ensemble, complemented with an all Citrine set. You can create a similar look with Angara’s exclusive Citrine collection.


The latest to join a brigade of Citrine lovers is Emma Watson of Harry Potter fame. The young actress flaunted heavy Citrine danglers – which went rather well with her asymmetric pixie cut and shoulder less gown.

Emma-Watson-Citrine-dangle-EarringsImage Source: zenkeijewelry.files.wordpress.com

You can emulate Emma’s classy look with this two-tier pear shaped drop earring.


Among admirers of Citrine Rings, we have Elizabeth Banks and Jennifer Garner. While the former has been spotted flaunting a Tea man & Company Citrine Solitaire, the latter flashed an equally flamboyant item, featuring a large Citrine as its center stone, flanked by two Diamonds on each side.

Elizabeth-Banks-and-Jennifer-Garner-Citrine-RingsImage Source: pinterest.com

This Halo Ring from Angara comes close second to Bank’s style.


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