Celebrate this summer month with Emeralds!

If there were a contest of the most beautiful gemstones, emeralds could have easily got the crown. These Gorgeous Green Gemstones are the birthstones of this month.

Emerald jewelry is super classy and it has an inimitable quality of complementing any outfit that you wear it with. Be it a casual tee and jeans or dressing up for some special evening, your emerald jewelry would never let you down.

No wonder Emerald Jewelry is a favorite among celebrities walking the red carpet. The Cannes Film Festival, 2011 saw many celebs gracing the red carpet with these stunning green gems.



Splurge into the world of Emerald Jewelry at Angara.com, and find an exciting range of emerald earrings, danglers, rings, pendants.

These Emerald and diamond dangling earrings are one of our best sellers. The design is uber stylish, wear them anywhere and complements are on their way!


  • Reply May 18, 2011

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    dangling earrings are one of our best sellers. The design is uber stylish, wear them anywhe

  • Reply June 5, 2011

    Floyd Christian

    Those emerald diamond earrings are to die for! Exquisite looking and so pretty.. I’ll be putting it on my list for sure! Oh gosh, I must have those.

  • Reply June 17, 2011


    We look forwward your more good articles.Believe you will not make us disappionted.

    • Reply February 26, 2015

      Ankit Daga

      Certainly not Geroy. We hope you are enjoying by our blog articles over the past few years. We are hear to help you understand and feel more comfortable about jewelry, whether you are considering jewelry, purchasing jewelry or simply admiring them from a distance. We are here to answer all your jewelry questions, thoughts and even concerns you may have about jewelry. Thanks again for your wonderful comments. Great appreciated. We always look forward to hearing from you.

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