3 Easy Ways to Identify Real Pearls

An awe-inspiring miracle of nature, pearl is the only gem that is born within a living organism. While other gems call for cutting and polishing, this beauty requires no such treatment. In other words, it’s a stunner by birth! This…

What Makes The Emerald Cut So Desirable?

Both elegant and glamorous, the emerald cut’s intriguing beauty stands apart from the other popular gemstone cuts and shapes like round, pear, oval and princess. The clean graduating lines compel you to look deeper into the gem and immerse into…

Gemstone Cuts Guide

A Guide to Gemstone Cuts

When it comes to picking the perfect gemstone, its ‘cut’ is an important aspect that must not be ignored. Technically, this word refers to the process of turning rough/unpolished crystals into beautiful gemstones that are suitable for use in jewelry….