Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As there are numerous campaigns to raise breast cancer awareness, I picked two to talk about here.

In San Francisco, 49ers to raise breast cancer awareness during game-

The National Football League has dedicated the month of October as Breast Cancer Awareness month, and today the San Francisco 49ers will do their bit to heighten public awareness.

During their home game against the Oakland Raiders, breast cancer survivors will participate in the coin toss using a commemorative pink coin, and footballs bearing the breast cancer logo will fly across the field.

A special halftime ceremony featuring 49 breast cancer survivors will honor survivors.

All captains will sport a pink captain patch on the chest of their jerseys, and certain players will don pink gloves, armbands, skull caps, and other accessories. Maybe they’d like some pink sapphires to go with them?

As an initiative to support this cause of breast cancer awareness will contribute 10% of all its sales of Pink Sapphire Jewelry and Loose Pink Sapphires for the month of October to Susan G. Komen Foundation. The Susan G. Komen Foundation, Texas is dedicated to research and to find cure for this cause.

Bra Art-

A unique fundraiser for breast cancer awareness month features a gallery full of bras made into artwork. This particular fundraiser is one that features artwork that every woman would find close to their heart…literally. It’s called bra art.

These works were made by artists around the country and seem much more pleasing to the eye than they are comfy to wear.

This great program was developed and called BRA-vo. They received over  300 bras from across the country. They are all in honor of cancer survivors and in memory of family members.

This is an art exhibit like no other just like this unique gemstone jewelry, like no other.

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