Boxing Day Gifts – Another Way to Say Thanks

What is Boxing Day?

If something is good, it is nice to have more of it. So why not to have extended Christmas celebrations on Boxing Day. Traditionally, it is the day employers give their employees Christmas gifts, called ‘Christmas boxes’ to celebrate the season. In modern times, since the day after Christmas is a holiday, people often gift themselves to celebrate the longtime tradition.


The inception of the tradition is not clear but it is a popular custom in the UK and various other countries like Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

According to some historians, in Middle Age England, servants were required to work on Christmas Day but had the following day off. While they leave to visit their families, they were given gift boxes by their employers.

In another theory about the origin of the day, the boxes placed in churches where money for charity was deposited for poor and needy were opened on December 26. Thus, it also became a day for charity events.

It is also the Feast of St. Stephen, who was one of the seven original deacons of the Christian Church. He was ordained by Apostles to care for widows and the poor.

Boxing Day Sales

These days, Boxing Day is better known as a day to scoop up shopping deals, just like Black Friday in the U.S. Most stores opens early and offers great discounts on everything from clothing to jewelry to technology. Online stores also offer good deals on the day.

It is now becoming a trend to shop on Boxing Day. As online retailers have significant deals on offer, more people are now shopping online. It saves them from long waiting queues and helps them celebrating the extended holiday with family and friends.

If you also wish to enjoy online discounts and deals, there are stores and marketplaces like Angara,, eBay and sears that offer good deals to celebrate the joy of gift giving.

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