Coco Chanel rightly stated, “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” American actress, singer and multi-platinum award winner, Beyoncé, justifies the essence of this statement by many folds. Be it, her performance or her public appearances, Queen B knows how to remain down to earth each time.


For that matter, one should know she does what is needed to put her best foot forward. What other celebrities may call highly embarrassing (I.e. Falling off stage), she simply just gets back up as if nothing ever happened. As Jay Z once said “…brush your shoulders off.”. Recently, Jay Z, her husband, threw an incredible bash. In his inaugural TIDALx1020 party, Beyoncé made a stunning appearance, looking spectacular as always in a plunging, plum Philipp Plein gown and matching accessories.

Although a bit unconventional, as critics refer, to a response from Bey has been taking social media by storm. As Queen B stood on the red carpet, posing fabulously amid an ocean of flashing camera lights, a quick thinking assistant crept into her shot to adjust her dress. The adjustment, unfortunately, took a little longer than expected, compelling Bey to murmur “Stop it” to her assistant while she tried to compose herself, and retain her smile for pictures!

Calling her gesture rude wouldn’t really be justified as we keep into consideration the kind of pressure exerted on almost any celebrity. Unfortunately, her assistant found this fact the hard way out.

Having Beyoncé as your boss sure has their own perks, but also their compromising challenges. Especially, if you may be inexperienced, situations can go wrong quickly, even if your intentions are right. What do you think of her assistant’s reactions? If so, how would you react differently? Please let us know.

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