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July Birthstone Ruby Jewelry

Ruby: The Captivating July Birthstone

Glowing with the color of ripe raspberries, rubies radiate a magnetic charm. They are renowned for their captivating beauty, rarity and hardness (Mohs scale ranking of 9). A part of the elite group of four precious jewels in the world,…

Exciting Engagement Ring Trends for 2018

6 Exciting Engagement Ring Trends for 2018

An engagement ring is a jewelry piece that symbolizes your love and commitment. It’s a reflection of your relationship and the personality of your beloved, and it’s obvious that you’d want to pick the perfect ring for your ‘perfect one’….

Trending Now: Gorgeous Bypass Rings

When you think about the multitude of ring designs available today, the bypass style may probably not come to your mind instantly. But this ring style certainly is visually delightful. As the name suggests, the band of the ring instead…