Jessy John

Content Editor for Angara

10 Romantic Ways to Propose

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there couldn’t be a better opportunity than this to ask her to be yours forever. Trust us, your proposal story will be something that will be told to family and friends over and…

Anniversary Rings: How to Choose

Anniversary rings are a great way to celebrate your growing relationship. Be it your first, tenth or twenty-fifth year together as a couple, anniversary rings and bands will always be a much-appreciated gift. You can either go for timeless rings…

Tanzanite: The December Birthstone

An extraordinary gemstone, the tanzanite fascinates with its blue-purple hue. This captivating gem is regarded to be the birthstone for those born in the month of December. Thanks to its unusual beauty, the tanzanite has evolved to become one of…

All About Milgrain Detailing

Milgrain also spelled millgrain, is a jewelry design element that you probably must have come across several times but may not have known much about. The term milgrain is derived from the French word millegrain, which means a thousand grains….