Blue Hue is Refreshing

Blue is the color of sky and the oceans, and blue is the color of my dreams! This soothing, refreshing color is beautifully displayed in jewelry with the use of sapphire gemstone.

The gemstone is known for its bewitching beauty and its bright combination with sparkling diamonds. When it is set with diamonds, the outcome is a spell binding piece of jewelry. This glamorous combination is well displayed in “The Hilton Ring” at Angara.


This fine jewelry is the Emerald-Cut Sapphire Ring featuring the majestic blue stone as the center stone. The double prong set ring has 10 round diamonds along the edge to heighten the elegant and graceful appearance. The customers of the ring report a comfortable daily wear experience thus making it an easy to use ring on regular basis.

The choice of metals is an interesting feature associated with the piece. You can choose white metal or the yellow gold for the ring. For the ones who like the soft, subtle and romantic pink color, we have this ring available in pink sapphire as well.


Choose the one that you like the most and use it to express your timeless love to your beloved!

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