Aquamarine March Birhtstone

Round Aquamarine and Diamond Three Stone Ring with Diamond Accents

Are you the heart of a sailor, or do you have the heart of one? All sailors of old wore aquamarines as amulets when they went to sea. March born or not, aquamarine is your gemstone if the color blue makes you heady and feel like you have a piece of the sea with you.

The basic color of aquamarine is light blue but it is found in all shades of seawater. The variation from light to dark blue with traces of green occurs as the color of two seas cannot be similar.

A deep blue aquamarine is the most valued of all aquamarines. There are people who prefer the greenish-blue or bluish-green hues of aquamarine because of the vivid colors; and these are the more affordable ones.

In an aquamarine, choose a higher carat. Large aquamarines are not very rare and a little increase in carat does not affect the price much, unlike diamonds. Moreover, the higher carat stones carry the best color.

While you could pick aquamarine jewelry for as low as below $ 250, if you like something tad higher and cash is question, opt for the easypay option on Angara and pay in three easy interest free installments.

Emerald Cut Aquamarine and Diamond Border Pendant

The best known source of aquamarine is Madagascar. Brazil also offers high quality stones and has now become the most abundant supplier of aquamarine. The ‘Santa Maria’ aquamarines from Brazil are the most celebrated aquamarines in the world. These have a rare, intense blue hue, which is the most prized color in an aquamarine. Similar, ‘Santa Maria Africana’ aquamarines are produced in Mozambique, Africa.

Trillion Aquamarine and Diamond Designer Danglers

Beliefs and facts about aquamarines:

The name of the mineral family of aquamarine is beryl, which makes it the sister to emeralds.

It is believed that an aquamarine rekindles love in a marriage. Aquamarine is also deemed to bring joy and wealth to the wearer.

It is said to help in overcoming depression, grief and phobias. Aquamarine is also believed to help cure insomnia.

The month of March sees special 10% off on all aquamarines upon entering code. Buy now and stash away for that vacation you are planning!

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