Annual Wedding Dress Contest

What thoughts come to mind when you think about Bridal Wedding Dresses? Few visuals that may come to mind, include, but are not limited to, spotless white, satin fabric, lovely laces, fascinating frills and graceful grandeur. Are these what rattle in your mind? Although, these are great examples, the one we have in mind is ‘toilet paper’. Yes, you read this right; it is ‘toilet paper’! In fact, this year we witnessed the‘11th Annual Cheap Chic Weddings Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest’.

Not everyone can relate to these two extremities; but someone who appreciates aestheticsand art can do so.In fact, this unique inspiration to use toilet paper for wedding dress was well showcased in the ‘11th Annual Cheap Chic Weddings Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest’ held in New York on Wednesday, June 17th, 2015. These dresses had everything which designer silk and lace wedding gowns have: Long trains, full layered skirts, floral appliques, ruffles, and sparkling bodices. Laura Gawne, contest co-creator, said that the rules are simple, “They have to use Charmin toilet paper, any kind of tape, any kind of glue and they can use needle and thread”. Susan Bain, second co-creator added, “No closures, no Velcro, nothing. No attachment of fabric, nothing.”


Their unique event displayed delightful wedding dresses, which not only left us in awe, but also were impressed to discover no actual fabric was used. Let us read about these designers and their dresses; how they made them and how models carried them gracefully.

Without further ado, we first explore Ms. Donna Pope Vincler’s award-winning dress. She created a tuxedo-style halter neck dress with a removable jacket. She wanted to add a modern twist in regular wedding dresses, and hence, accessorized with a top hat and a bow tie. Certainly not an easy task, which took her about three months, 22 rolls of toilet paper, and glue.She said, “It’s amazing how strong glue and toilet paper can be. After I made it, I was hitting on it like a drum… it’s very sturdy,” she added, “I don’t even know how many layers (there are) – I just did it until I thought it would stay together.”

This dress can sincerely inspire a bride’s fantasies! Other dresses on the show were nothing short of angelic beauty either. Let us take a closer look:

Model Le Vey wears a flower embellished dress, made entirely of toilet paper.


Look at her meticulous floral detailing. .


Model from Ukraine, Marina Sasova, showcased her beautiful dress.


Check out this finesse detailing.


Model Kelsy Eddy from Springfield, Illinois wore this gorgeous dress, full of flowers.


Here is a rear view of her dress.


Can you believe that this wonderful headpiece is made entirely from toilet paper?


How do you feel? Mesmerized? Hypnotized? Let us make our way to flushing brides and check out a few more inspirational toilet paper dresses.


Interestingly, this inspiration is taken from a popular bridal shower game, where each team has to design a dress for a bride-to-be using toilet paper. What do you think, do these dresses captivate us, or will we forget them eventually? Let us know your views on this touchy, yet novel bridal style.


  • Reply July 7, 2015

    Rose david

    I love these dresses. I would love to wear wedding dress like this, which is not expensive, but gives all glamour.
    My only concern is, what if my boyfriend plans a beach wedding party!
    Can You suggest what should I do to avoid getting wet.

    • Reply July 9, 2015

      Ankit Daga


      Your comment brings up a great point! These are highly cost-effective wedding dresses, unique in every way. If you do plan a beach wedding, make sure your ceremony is simply away from the water, but make sure the water is incorporated into the background and ambiance. Beach wedding destinations are extremely popular these days, so you’ll have a world of options and opportunities available! Good luck, and congratulations again on taking the next chapter in your life! Your dream is finally coming true and we could not be any happier, cheering you on! 🙂

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