Angara’s Thanksgiving Surprise for New Subscribers

Thanksgiving is more than just scrumptious food, colorful parades and endless celebrations. It is the perfect time for expressing gratitude and appreciation to the people around us. This Thanksgiving, we at Angara went ahead and did something very unique and special for our customers. After all, what could be a better time than Thanksgiving to say ‘Thank You’?

Angara’s Thanksgiving Surprise for New Subscribers

We had a big surprise in store for everyone joining our mailing list on 24th November, 2016 – the Thanksgiving Day. As a token of gratitude, each new subscriber was given a gorgeous sterling silver garnet pendant with chain. And that’s not all; we also gave customers 15% OFF as well as a free gemstone jewelry gift with all orders. The garnet pendant gift will be dispatched by next week and we can’t wait to hear what customers have to say about it.

Angara is committed to providing a truly unique online jewelry shopping experience that is even better than offline shopping. Our customers matter to us and with this initiative, we look forward to building a relationship of trust and confidence. The surprise gift is just a way of welcoming new subscribers into the Angara family and letting them know that they are valued.

At Angara, we have a fabulous collection of gemstone and diamond jewelry in both classic and contemporary styles. There are rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets – all featuring exquisite craftsmanship and superior quality. You can also have a piece of jewelry customized to meet your style and budget requirements. Whether looking for a gorgeous holiday gift for a special someone or a sparkling addition to your jewelry collection – Angara will make the perfect online jewelry shopping destination for you.

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