Angara offers installment payment on jewelry!

Jewelry is always the way to carry style. For those who want to opt for installment payment on jewelry, Angara has launched a unique feature on their website, called EASYPAY. This new app is for buying sapphire rings and ruby rings in easy, timed installments.

EASYPAY is a simple way to purchase the jewelry you want without breaking your budget! It’s an easy way to get more for your money – with no interest or additional fees! With EASYPAY, the cost of jewelry product is covered over three easy installments.

The first installment includes shipping charges and tax. The remaining sum is charged to your credit card at intervals of 30 days from date of purchase.

Currently, the offer is valid only on sapphire rings and ruby rings. This may extend itself to other products later. Right now, 10% discount available on sapphire rings is also applicable on EASYPAY. It applies to lab created sapphires and rubies as well.

The best bit is that there are no hidden costs, and no inflated prices. You get value for money. Angara’s 30 days return policy makes the purchase safe and secure.

There are many who are using this option to hoard Thanksgiving gifts and Christmas gifts. The idea seems to have hit off very well with customers who found it difficult to shell out that ‘extra’ for a gemstone ring as a gift.

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