It’s your turn to be a lucky winner!

Thank you so much for overwhelming response to our Weekly Contest World Admires Angara Sapphires“. We appreciate all of our Facebook fans, Angara customers, and Angara blog readers for participation. Thank you so much for making this contest amazing one!

Angara Facebook Winners First Lucky Winner:
Tara Johnson

Second Lucky Winner:
Jen Twark Gersch


Third Lucky Winner:
Beyonce Cook


You can be lucky too. Participate right now and win a Sapphire Pendant worth $279.99!


It’s Free Shipping & no hidden cost. This is definitely a great gift for any jewelry lover. All winners will be contacted by email. Don´t forget to visit for more surprises! Plenty of giveaways are your way every month! So, go ahead, and who knows this Friday might be your lucky day too.


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  • April 6, 2014

    Dentist IL

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