All-Time Favorite Engagement Ring Styles

Summer season isn’t all about the beautiful weather; it is also one of the best times to take your relationship to the next level. So if you plan to pop the question, then here’s our list of the all-time favorite engagement ring styles that you can choose from.

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It’s no surprise that women lost their hearts to this one a long time ago. Halo rings are bold and magnificent, and by all means they quickly grab attention. This setting, essentially, uplifts the charm of the center gemstone by surrounding it with a “halo” of smaller stones and the result is undeniably captivating. What’s even better is that today you have a mind-boggling variety to choose from. So whether it’s a Victorian-style halo ring that you’re looking for or something more sleek and contemporary, you’ll find it without much effort.



Classy and gorgeous, that’s probably one of the best ways to describe a solitaire ring. Earlier the spotlight used to be on just the center gem, which always stole the show. But this style has been constantly undergoing transformation, and we absolutely love it! Solitaire rings available today are often accompanied by accent gems on each side of the main stone. They also feature shanks adorned with elaborately crafted floral or Celtic knot motifs. And that’s just the beginning!



Inspired by the beauty of a bygone era, vintage rings are not just one of the most frequently purchased style of engagement rings, but immensely valuable possessions as well. They often feature milgrain and filigree detailing, which instantly infuse an old-world charm into the design. Patterns inspired by nature are also frequently seen on these rings, and they are often accompanied by intricate carvings on the shank or the gallery. On a whole, vintage rings exude a regal charm, which makes them the perfect heirloom jewelry that deserves to be passed on to future generations.

Three Stone


This particular style of ring is not just alluring to look at, but also has a significant meaning attached to it. A three stone ring typically showcases a large gem in the center, which signifies the present while smaller gems, one on each side, represent the past and the future. The three stone ring has therefore become a beautiful choice to radiate the timelessness of your love.

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