5 Vibrant Gemstone Hues for Spring 2018

Those who love jewelry don’t need a reason or season to flaunt gorgeous baubles. But there’s something magical about spring that always gets us dreamy. Maybe it’s the warmth of the sun after a long cold winter or the chance for a fresh start amid blooming flowers. To say it more simply, it’s a gift to witness nature at its fascinating best.

And there’s another gift, derived from nature, that’ll make your spring 2018 just a little more colorful than it already is. Take a look at these gems in breathtaking vibrant hues…


Tropical Blue with Swiss Topaz:

Did you know that blue topaz was once believed to be the jewel of peace and healing? Its tropical hue does take us to a serene landscape where there’s summer sky above and soft white sand beneath. You can exude the vibrancy of nature by wearing this gem is different types of jewelry. But our favorite remains a stylish tennis bracelet.


Sapphire in Blossomy Pink:

Flowers are not just a symbol of beauty; they also represent the blooming of a life force. And since spring is all about revival and rejuvenation, we highly recommend you radiate a similar energy with the vibrancy of pink sapphires. This gem also scores a 9 on Mohs scale of mineral hardness, which means it’s exceptionally sturdy and perfect for everyday wear. We personally love to flaunt pink sapphire in the form of a beautiful pendant.

Sapphire in Blossomy Pink

Olive Green Brilliance with Peridot:

The mention of spring and nature will be incomplete without a burst of green. So why not infuse your look with a healthy dose of sparkling peridots? It’s one of the few gems that occur in only one color – green; and golden undertones make it look even more charismatic. A pair of earrings in a nature-inspired design, crafted using rose gold is one of our favorite ways to wear a peridot. You can also find many other jewelry options here.

Olive Green Brilliance with Peridot

Peachy Goodness with Morganites:

Another jewel that captivates with its soft, translucent glow is morganite. It’s considerably easy to find this gem in large sizes, and that is perfect for showing off its delicate peach color. If you plan to reflect the warmth of spring by donning a morganite then we highly recommend you pick a ring crafted in rose gold for sheer visual delight.


Citrine’s Honey-Yellow Shine:

Centuries ago, this gem was believed to attract happiness into a relationship. Today, the cheery and vibrant citrine embodies the optimism of spring like no other. And if you happen to love the color of yellow sapphire but find it too expensive, then this gem is sure to be an affordable and wonderful alternative. We like citrine the best when it is embedded in a pair of earrings, but you can also choose from many other jewelry options.


Since spring is synonymous with nature, jewelry that showcases floral patterns and nature motifs are a great way to complement the beauty of this season. And of course, there’s an assortment of gorgeous jewels you can pick to match the vibrancy around you. If you have a specific jewelry requirement in mind then don’t forget to take a look at Angara.com, and you may just find it!

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