5 Steps to Spring Clean Your Jewelry Box

It’s spring and it’s time for your annual cleaning! Just like your apartment or your house, your jewelry box also requires deep cleaning from time to time. Chances are that you might even come across a few pieces that you have completely forgotten about or some that require repair or maintenance. If you’re wondering how to go about the cleaning, here are a few steps that you can follow:


Step One: Pull out every piece

Gather up all your jewelry pieces on your table or desk. Ensure that all your earrings are in pairs and your chains detangled. If you wish to, you can also prepare a list of all your jewelry. This will prove useful for insurance claims in case of a disaster or theft.

Step Two: Segregate jewelry that requires cleaning or repair

Examine each piece carefully for any kind of damage. Check fasteners, clasps and stone settings. If anything needs repair, polishing or cleaning, place it separately. Less expensive pieces can be easily cleaned at home. As for fine jewelry, it is advisable to take it to a jewelry expert.

Step Three: Assess your collection

Take a look at your jewelry collection. Is there something that you have never worn, and will probably never wear in the future? If yes, then think of whether you can redesign it into something that you’d love. In cases where a redesign wouldn’t be possible, you may consider selling it off. If it’s an heirloom, keep it aside for someone in your family, who’d like to wear it.

Step Four: Find the ideal storage solution

If you don’t have a proper jewelry box or the one that you have has worn out, then it’s the perfect time to invest in one. Choose one that has multiple compartments in varying sizes. Apart from providing easy access, this will also ensure that your gemstone jewelry pieces do not end up scratching each other.

Step Five: Consider adding staples

Now that you have organized your jewelry collection, you have a better idea about what you have and what you don’t. Is there any jewelry staple that’s missing from your box? Well, then it’s time for some shopping.

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