5 Ruby Earrings Everyone Should Have

Bold, vibrant and fiery, ruby is a gemstone unlike any other, and earrings adorned with this ‘King of Gems’ certainly deserve to be a part of your jewelry box.

We firmly believe that the ruby’s awe-inspiring and luxurious appearance can totally transform any look for any occasion. And that’s just not it; this radiant gem will also ensure that you stand out from the crowd – every time.
From basic ruby delights to jaw-dropping wonders, here are 5 ruby earrings that every woman should own.

1. Basic studs

Round Ruby Studs

Just like the LBD that hangs in your closet, this pair of ruby studs is simply a must-have. It is versatile, effortless and something everyone loves. While this one’s in round, you can also go with any other shape such as oval, pear, square or the charming heart.

2. Gorgeous drops

Oval Ruby Dangling Earrings

There are days when you do studs, but then there are other days when your heart longs for something more and that’s when these oh-so-stunning ruby drops come into the picture. In this design, the ravishing rubies are combined with diamonds for an added touch of sparkle.

3. Chic J-hoops

Round Ruby J Hoop Earrings

Looking for something that is modern and stunning but not very flashy? Well, these ruby J-hoops are just right for you. Wear it while you hang with the girls or head out on a movie date, and we’re sure you’ll be the talk of the town!

4. Double the elegance

Two Stone Ruby Earrings

This pair of ruby two stone earrings is a great way of infusing some laidback style to your outfit. Sundress, denims or power suit – they’ll complement any attire or style.

They have a little more personality than studs and are bit subtler than drops. Perfect for days when you want to keep things in between.

5. GIA certified stunner

GIA Certified Ruby Dangling Earrings

The quality of the rubies in this pair has been authenticated by the GIA or Gemological Institute of America, world’s foremost authority on gemstones. This means you can make a confident purchase without any apprehensions or stress.

Apart from this, the splendor of the rubies, sparkling diamond tops and intricate scrollwork make this pair an eye-catching work of art.

We’re daydreaming already, how about you?

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